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Chunyang Xiong
Ph.D., Professor
Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China

Education Background

2000 - 2002  Postdoc, Department of Electronics, Peking University

2000 Ph.D, Experimental Mechanics,Department of Mechanics & Engineering Science, Peking University

1995 B.S., Mechanics, Minor: Computer Science, Department of Mechanics, Peking University

Professional Experience

2006  Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Peking University

2004  Associate Professor, Department of Mechanics & Engineering Science, Peking University

2002  Lecture, Department of Mechanics & Engineering Science, Peking University

Research Areas and Interests

1.  Cell mechanics

     Cell traction forces play a important role in nearly all aspects of cell biology, from cell migration to morphogenesis to cell proliferation. We develop a new TFM method to determine cell traction forces reliably, accurately, and efficiently. We investigate the interaction between single cardiac myocyte and the elastic substrate. We evaluate the migration force of tumor cell.

2.  Biomedical Micro/Nanotechnology

    We design and fabricate the microfludic chip for single cell analysis and other biomedical applications. We apply micro-fabrication and sensor technologies to investigate cell contractility and mechanotransduction mechanism.

3.  Simulation of molecular and cellular biosystems

    We aim at developing the bio-chemo-mechanical model of cell mechanics and adhesion. Such as adhesion cluster dynamics, signal transduction, cytoskeletal dynamics, and the extracellular matrix.

Selected Publications 

1.Jin YF, Xiong CY*, Fang J, Ferrari M. Characterization of Wave Dispersion in Viscoelastic Cellular Assemblies by Doublet Mechanics. Chinese Physics Letters. 2009, 26(8), 084601

2.Huang JY, Peng XL, Qin L, Zhu T, Xiong CY*, Zhang YY, Fang J. Determination of Cellular Tractions on Elastic Substrate Based on an Integral Boussinesq Solution. ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. 2009, 131(6), 061009 (Cover Image)

3.     Huang JY, Qin L, Peng XL, Zhu T, Xiong CY*, Zhang YY, Fang J. Cellular Traction Force Recovery: an Optimal Filtering Approach in Two-Dimensional Fourier Space. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 2009, 259(4), 811-819

4.    Peng XL, Huang JY, Qin L, Xiong CY*, Fang J. A method to determine Young’s modulus of soft gels for cell adhesion. Acta Mechanica Sinica. 2009, 25(4), 565-570

5.    Fu L, Chen XN, He JN, Xiong CY, Ma HW. Study viscoelasticity of ultrathin poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) brushes by a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation. Langmuir. 2008, 24(12): 6100-6106

6.    Qin L, Huang JY, Xiong CY*, Zhang YY, Fang J. Dynamical stress characterization and energy evaluation of single cardiac myocyte actuating on flexible substrate. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 2007, 360(2):352-356

7.    He JA, Wu YZ, Wu J, Mao X, Fu L, Qian TC, Fang J, Xiong CY, Xie JL, and Ma HW. Study and Application of a Linear Frequency-Thickness Relation for Surface Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization in Quartz Crystal Microbalance. Macromolecules, 2007, 40(9):3090-3096

8.    Luo CY, Li H, Xiong CY, Peng XL, Kou QL, Chen Y, Ji H, Ouyang Q. The combination of optical tweezers and microwell array for cells physical manipulation and localization in microfluidic device. Biomedical Microdevices. 2007, 9(4):573-578

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15.   Xiong CY, Fang J, Chen WC. A wavelet transform analysis of concentration boundary layer in crystal growth. Journal of Materials Science Letters, 2000, 19(7): 619-622