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Yue Yang
Ph.D., Professor
Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science
  • Office Add: Building #1, College of Engineering
  • Email:

09/2007 – 02/2011  Ph.D. Aeronautics, California Institute of Technology (Advisor: Prof. Dale I. Pullin)

09/2004 – 07/2007  M.S. Fluid Mechanics, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Advisor: Prof. Guo-wei He)

09/2000 – 07/2004  B.E. Thermal Engineering, B.E. Computer Science, Zhejiang University

Professional Experience
02/2020 - present  Professor, College of Engineering, Peking University

08/2019 –01/2020  Associate Professor, College of Engineering, Peking University

08/2013 – 07/2019  Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, Peking University

03/2011 – 07/2013  Combustion Energy Research Fellow, Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center, Princeton University (Co-sponsored by Prof. Stephen B. Pope, Cornell University and Dr. Jacqueline H. Chen, Sandia National Laboratories)

Research Areas and Interests
Turbulence, transition, and combustion

Professional Honors and Awards
2019  National Distinguished Young Researcher, NSFC, China

2016  Summer Program Fellowship, Center for Turbulence Research, Stanford University, USA

2015  Excellent Young Researcher, NSFC, China

2014  Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Award, Qiu Shi Science and Technologies Foundation, China

2011  Combustion Energy Research Fellowship, Princeton University, USA

2011  Richard Bruce Chapman Memorial Award for distinguished research in Hydrodynamics, California Institute of Technology, USA

Selected Publications

  1. W. Zheng, S. Ruan, Y. Yang*, L. He, and S. Chen, Image-based modelling of the skin-friction coefficient in compressible boundary-layer transition, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 875, 1175-1203, 2019
  1. S. Xiong and Y. Yang*, Identifying the tangle of vortex tubes in homogeneous isotropic turbulence, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 874, 952-978, 2019
  1. J. Hao, S. Xiong, and Y. Yang*, Tracking vortex surfaces frozen in the virtual velocity in non-ideal flows, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 863, 513-544, 2019
  1. S. Xiong and Y. Yang*, The boundary-constraint method for constructing vortex-surface fields, Journal of Computational Physics, 339, 31-45, 2017
  1. G. He*, G. Jin, and Y. Yang, Space-time correlations and dynamic coupling in turbulent flows, Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 49, 51-71, 2017
  1. Y. Zhao, Y. Yang*, and S. Chen, Vortex reconnection in the late transition in channel flow, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 802, R4, 2016
  1. Y. Yang*, H. Wang, S. B. Pope, and J. H. Chen, Large-eddy simulation/PDF modeling of a non-premixed CO/H2 temporally evolving jet flame, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 34, 1241-1249, 2013
  1. Y. Yang* and D. I. Pullin, Evolution of vortex-surface fields in viscous Taylor-Green and Kida-Pelz flows, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 685, 146-164, 2011
  1. Y. Yang* and D. I. Pullin, On Lagrangian and vortex-surface fields in flows with Taylor-Green and Kida-Pelz initial conditions, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 661, 446-481, 2010
  1. Y. Yang*, D. I. Pullin, and I. Bermejo-Moreno, Multi-scale geometric analysis of Lagrangian structures in isotropic turbulence, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 654, 230-277, 2010