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Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science

The Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science (MES) at Peking University originated from the Division of Mechanics in Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at Peking University. Founded by the renowned scholar in physics and mechanics, Dr. Peiyuan Zhou and his outstanding colleagues in 1952, the department launched the first mechanics program in P. R. China, and thus thought as “the Founder of Mechanics in China.” The department is recognized internationally for its excellence in teaching, research, and creativity. The mechanics program ranked No.1 in China in the two most recent evaluations (2012 and 2016). In the past 68 years, more than 450 faculty members and 115 post-doctoral fellows have worked in the department. So far, a total of over 4,300 undergraduate and graduate students have studied in the department.

The department offers the following 5 major research areas.

• Fluid Mechanics (Turbulence, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics)

• Solid Mechanics/Engineering Mechanics (Elasticity and Plasticity, Computational Solid Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics)

• Biomechanics and Medical Engineering (Biomechanics, Biomedical Information & Apparatus Technology, Biomedical Materials)

• Dynamics and Control (Control of Complex Mechanical Systems, Dynamics and Control of Aircrafts, Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems)

• General Mechanics & Foundation of Mechanics (Modeling and Control of Complex Systems, Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Systems, Dynamics and Intelligent Control of Robots)

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