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Industrial Engineering & Management

Founded in 2005, the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management is devoting to combining its area of research in engineering and management studies with China’s ongoing industrialization. The department aims to solve the complex problems arise in industry practices and is dedicated to establish a leadership status in terms of engineering teaching, research and practice in China and around the world.

Our active research embraces innovative and novel research methodology in optimization, algorithm design, simulation, evolutional dynamics, data mining, quality and reliability, innovation management, and supply chain. In addition to further building on the strengths in methodological research, we are broadening our scope to encompass new application domains such as healthcare, energy, pharmaceutical systems, and environment.

Our outstanding faculty leads the way in exploring the cutting edge of engineering science and developing tools that transform the way we live and work. Currently there are 12 full-time faculty members in the department. From research frontier to industrial practices, our faculty and staff are dedicated to offering educational programs that prepare the next generation of industrial engineering leaders, and creating new knowledge and technology that contributes to solving the major problems facing modern society.

Our department has a legacy of supporting a large and diverse research across the fundamental areas of industrial engineering and management science. We intend to continue leveraging our traditional strengths and searching for new opportunities to strengthen our ability to achieve our mission in the new era.

Graduate Education 

The graduate programs in Industrial Engineering and Management provide students not only competent knowledge used in modern industries and enterprises but great opportunities to collaborate with faculty on cutting-edge research. The programs are designed to culture the students to be the future elites on a variety of backgrounds with our faculty's unremitting efforts. Students are expected to be engaged with professional courses and practical projects to broaden their scopes, promote their all-around development and complete their graduate thesis.

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Acting Chair

Qiang Zheng

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Fei Xie

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