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Department of Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics

Today substantial changes in manufacturing models, lifestyles, and military combat patterns have driven the rapid development of advanced manufacturing and robotics technology. The Department of Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics (AMR) was set up in 2020 to satisfy the development needs of the intelligent era and actively serve major national strategies. Before the establishment of the AMR department, the Peking University has a decade-long history of conducting robotics research and development.

As an important component of the College of Engineering, the AMR department is devoted to forming a new cross-discipline and predominant direction through the application of robotics based on the fusion of fundamental subjects, artificial intelligence, and medical science. It will greatly promote the development of robotics, enhance the international influence of Peking University, and cultivate innovative talents.

The AMR department has set clear professional training goals for undergraduate students. It is expected to cultivate the future elites with a solid theoretical foundation, high comprehensive ability, international vision, and more importantly, mastery of robotics-centered basic theories and key technologies.

Research Areas

• Nanomanufacturing/Bionic Manufacturing

• Intelligent Robots

• Dynamics and Control

• Swarm Intelligence and Networked Systems

• Smart Manufacturing and High-end Equipment

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Huiling Duan

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