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Aeronautics & Astronautics

The Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics was established in 2010 to offer Peking University students unique educational and career opportunities in aerospace, one of the most interesting and exciting disciplines in engineering and science. The main objective of the department is to prepare students for future success and leadership in aircraft and space vehicle design, implementation and operation. It hopes to achieve this objective through commitment to educational excellence and faculties' achievements of research distinction.

For now the department mainly specializes in:

  Turbulence and Combustion in Engines of the Next Generation

  Space Vehicle Dynamics Simulation and Control

  Flow Problems for Hypersonic Vehicle

  General Mechanics, Collision and Multi-body Dynamics

  Aerospace Materials and Structures

  Aircraft and Space Vehicle Design

  Computational Fluid Dynamics

  Aeroacoustics and Quiet Vehicle

  Satellite Navigation Engineering

  Space Information Processing and Application

The department’s primary mission is to continue developing innovative engineering methods and integrating new theoretical methods into modern aerospace systems.

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Caishan Liu

Tel: +86-10-62756177



Xintong Li

Tel: +86-10-62756145