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Shail Oil and Gas Research Institute

The Institute of Shale Oil and Gas at College of Engineering of Peking University is a comprehensive industrial technology research and development organization founded in 2012. The institute is specialized in shale oil/gas research and core technology development, industrial standards and specifications, and national shale oil/gas industrial policy.

Professor Dongxiao Zhang, the Dean of College of Engineering, serves as the director of the institute. Professor Zhang is an internationally well-known expert in underground flow mechanism, and unconventional oil and gas reservoir development and production mechanisms. He began his research in shale gas exploration and production more than ten years ago in United States with various industrial supports.

The institute has assembled an excellent team with strong research ability in the areas of new energy, clean energy and unconventional oil and gas resource. The team includes Professor Hu Wenrui, who is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, former vice President of PetroChina, as well as several recipients of “National Recruitment Program of Global Experts”. The institute has established one shale property measurement and analysis laboratory and one reservoir simulation laboratory. The institute is currently conducting several R&D research programs in shale oil and gas exploration and production, supported by government agencies and national and international petroleum companies.


Dongxiao Zhang

Ph.D., Chair Professor, Department of Energy and Resources Engineering

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