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  • [ June 02, 2018]

    Prof. Hui Hu of Iowa State University and Prof. Tianshu Liu of Western Michigan University visited LTCS

  • On June 1, 2018, Prof. Hui Hu, from Department of Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State University and Prof. Tianshu Liu, from Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Western Michigan University, visited the Laboratory of Turbulence and Complex Systems (LTCS).

    On the morning of June 1, Prof. Hui Hu gave a lecture titled" Aircraft Icing Physics and Innovative Strategies for Aircraft Icing Mitigation". Prof. Cunbiao Li of Peking University hosted the lecture. Prof. Hu pointed out aircraft icing is widely recognized as a significant hazard to aircraft operations in cold weathers. Prof. Hu first introduced the recent progress made by his research laboratory in conducting a series of experimental studies to elucidate underlying physics pertinent to aircraft icing phenomena. Subsequently, Prof. Hu showed the dynamics of supercooled water droplet impinging and splashing, transient behavior of the wind-driven surface water runback, unsteady heat transfer and dynamic ice accretion process over airfoil/wing surfaces. Various bio-inspired icephobic coatings, including lotus-inspired superhydrophobic coatings and pitcher-plant-inspired Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces (SLIPS) are evaluated quantitatively at different icing conditions. At last, Prof. Hu gave a brief introduction of the recent research efforts on aero-engine icing and anti-/de-icing strategies.

    Audience of the lecture

    On the afternoon of June 1, Prof. Tianshu Liu gave a lecture titled" Global Skin-Friction Diagnostics from Surface-Pressure Fields ". Prof. Jiezhi Wu of Peking University hosted the lecture. Prof. Liu discussed the feasibility of global diagnostics of skin-friction fields in complex flows from surface-pressure fields. The exact coupling relation between skin-friction and surface-pressure though the boundary enstrophy flux (BEF) is derived from the Navier-Stokes equations for an incompressible flow. The variational formulation with the appropriate regularization term is given to solve an inverse problem for a skin-friction field when the BEF field is given. Prof. Liu indicated that this method is particularly applicable to pressure-sensitive-paint measurements to understand the skin-friction topology and near-wall flows of aerodynamic bodies.

    Prof. Hui Hu (left) and Prof. Tianshu Liu (right) delivering the lectures

    Prof. Jiezhi Wu discussing with Prof. Tianshu Liu

    After the lectures, LTCS faculty and students had a stimulating discussion with Prof. Hu and Prof. Liu. The two professors will stay and discuss scientific problems and further collaboration with LTCS.