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  • [ June 14, 2018]

    Prof. Peyman Givi of University of Pittsburgh visits LTCS

  • On June 7, 2018, Prof. Peyman Givi from Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, visited the Laboratory of Turbulence and Complexed Systems (LTCS). Prof. Peyman Givi is Distinguished Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the Deputy Editor of AIAA Journal, and Fellow of AAAS, AIAA, APS and ASME. Prof. Peyman Givi gave a lecture titled" Graph Partitioning and Quantum Speedup for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Combustion". Prof. Zheng Chen of the College of Engineering, Peking University hosted the lecture.

    Prof. Givi pointed out a variety of subgrid scale closures have been developed for large eddy simulation (LES) of turbulent flows. The filtered density function (FDF) is one of such closures and has proven very effective in a variety of applications. But the computational cost associated with FDF can be expensive compared to other (more conventional) methods. With the development of modern computing and information science, a new strategy can effectively alleviate this problem. This strategy is to couple an architecture aware graph partitioning algorithm with a dynamic (re)partitioning framework. Each of the partitions is treated via an entirely self-contained solver. This provides an optimal load balance, while minimizing the cost of data migration. Additionally, Prof. Givi described principles of quantum computing and the quantum speedup for turbulent mixing and reaction simulation.

    Prof. Peyman Givi delivering the lecture

    Prof. Givi's humorous language and broad knowledge made his talk very well received. After the lecture, LTCS faculty and students had a stimulating discussion with Prof. Givi.