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  • [ April 29, 2018]

    The construction of a new building of the College of Engineering starts on site

  • On April 26, 2018, the opening ceremony of the construction of a new building of the College of Engineering was held on the building site, which is located north east opposite the east gate of Peking University, at the intersection of the Zhongguancun North Street and Chengfu Road, and north to the School of Physics.

    The new building, named ENN Engineering Building, will embrace a building area of ??nearly 70,000 square meters. It will become a comprehensive building integrating teaching, research, and office functions. The completion of the building will greatly improve the hardware conditions of the college in terms of teaching, research, and external exchanges, and effectively support the development of the various undertakings of the college.

    The construction of it wins great support from one of the college’s industrial board member enterprises, ENN Group. ENN Group is one of the largest private energy companies in China focused on providing cleaner energy to support sustainable growth.

    Cooperation between Peking University and ENN

    The two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement in July 2015, in which ENN agreed to donate 300 million yuan in total for the infrastructure construction, research projects, personnel training, and technology industrialization of the College of Engineering. Among them, 200 million yuan was designated for the construction of the new building.


    Dongxiao Zhang’s speech

    “Today is an important day for the history of the College of Engineering,” said Prof. Dongxiao Zhang, Dean of the College of Engineering, “In the future, we will increase cooperation in personnel training and resource sharing, and further promote technology transfer.”

    Speech by Ruigai Han

    “ENN is willing to become a promoter of technological innovation and application, and be a companion of Peking University's scientific research,” said Ms. Ruigai Han, chairman of the ENN Charity Foundation.

    Speech by Yanglin Wang

    “I hope that the cooperation between the two parties will enhance the overall strength of the College of Engineering, and increase its ability to solve major problems,” said Mr. Yanglin Wang, Vice President of Peking University in his speech.