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  • [June 20, 2018]

    Prof. Shaojun Guo wins “China Young Analyst Award”

  • On June 15, 2018, the Analytical Chemistry Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society announced the winners of the second "China Young Analyst Award" at the 13th National Analytical Chemistry Annual Meeting. Associate Professor Shaojun Guo of the College of Engineering won the honor.

    In order to promote the development of analytical chemistry research in China, especially to encourage and support the growth of young analytical chemistry researchers, the Analytical Chemistry Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society has established the award since 2015, with the support of the journal Analyst of the British Royal Chemical Society.

    The award aims to recognize outstanding young scientists in the basic research and application of analytical chemistry. Analytical chemistry researchers with Chinese nationality and under the age of 40 in universities and research institutions in China are eligible to apply. Every three years the award was conducted to recognize two young scholars who have achieved outstanding and innovative research results in the field of analytical chemistry, with certificates and bonus awarded at the opening ceremony of the Analytical Chemistry Annual Meeting.

    In the recent years working in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the College of Engineering, Prof. Shaojun Guo has conducted systematic research in the fields of electrocatalysis, electroanalysis and battery materials. He has been a communication author of more than 50 papers published at Science, Nature Reviews Materials, Nature Communications, Science Advances, Chem, and Advanced Materials with influence factors greater than 10. He has won many honors in recent years, including Web of Science Global Highly Cited Scientist, Elsevier China Highly Cited Scholar, International Electrochemistry Association Applied Electrochemistry Award, and China Electrochemical Society Young Scientist Award.