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  • [September 28, 2017]

    A delegation from University of Michigan visits the College of Engineering to discuss technology transfer

  • On September 23, 2017, a delegation of three from University of Michigan paid a visit to the College of Engineering (COE) to discuss mechanisms of diabetes and cardiovascular, seeking new treatment methods and international cooperation and development of drug technology.

    The delegation included Huetwell Prof. Yuqing Chen from the Cardiovascular Medicine Center, Prof. Chuanwu Xi from School of Public Health, and Mr. Tiefei Dong, Assistant Director of Technology Transfer Office. They were warmly received by Prof. Duoxiang Wang, associate dean of COE and dean of Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI), and Dr. Xinjian Zhou, associate dean of BICI.

    In the meeting, Professor Chen analyzed the origin, development, opportunities and challenges of medical research of cardiovascular disease. He also introduced the international-leading achievements in many target genes, such as GATA4 and TM6SF2, and explained the effects of statins on the medical transformation research. Then Wang put forward his thinking on the role of basic research in clinical research and medical transformation research, pointing out the prospects and challenges of transformation of medicine. They had an extensive and in-depth discussion on medical transformation and other related issues, which expanded the international vision in this field and inspired new ideas of research.

    The meeting deepened the basis of technical cooperation between the two sides, enriched the contents of technical cooperation, and played a positive guiding role in the international development of domestic industrial technologies.