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  • [September 26, 2017]

    Dean of the US National Academy of Engineering visits PKU Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • On September 23, 2017, Daniel Mote, dean of the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE), visited Peking University with his delegation. During his visit, Mote came to inspect Peking University’s Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and spoke with students from the College of Engineering (COE). Accompanying the delegation were Dongxiao Zhang, dean of COE and NAE fellow, Yongmei Li, associate dean of the PKU Innovation Institute, and Dong Wang, vice-director of the Center of PKU Makers.

    Daniel Mote(left) and Dongxiao Zhang

    Mote observed several outstanding projects developed by students from the College of Engineering, such as a  “Quality Technology-Intelligent air cleaner”, “Di Da musical blocks”, “Interdisciplinary applications of flexible solar energy”, and “Robosea underwater robot fish ”. He listened carefully to team reports, watched their practical demonstrations and communicated with the team members. Mote spoke highly of their works and the center, calling for more applications of technological innovation from the COEers.

    Dong Wang (fourth from left) introducing the center to Daniel Mote

    Four projects started up by students of COE have received external investment and ran well. The “Quality Technology-Intelligent air cleaner” project has applied for a PCT international invention patent and several patents in China. Shaoxin Wang, founder and CEO of “Quality Technology”, and Jiandong Wu, co-founder of Quality Technology, gave brief introductions of their project to Mote. As one of five selected Chinese teams, “Quality Technology” has attended the 3rd Global Grand Challenges Summit held by the US National Academy of Engineering. Mote appreciated their participation and listened to their feedback.

    Daniel Mote inspecting student’s projects


    Background Information:

    The “Robosea underwater robot fish” is developed by a team led by Minglei Xiong, a Ph.D. candidate from COE. In addition to the ability to record 4K videos, the bionic robot fish also boasts high portability and long battery life, which makes it the only portable underwater robot used for swimming pools. The team has won many competitions, including the Robocup Open and International Underwater Robot Competition, and received the 10th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award. The “Di Da musical blocks” serve as a pre-school enlightenment education product and is about to participate in the National Innovation Week exhibition. The team of the “Interdisciplinary application of flexible solar energy” demonstrates the cross application of solar cells in many fields. Based on the “solar+” idea, the team is dedicated to decreasing  people’s dependence on fossil fuels while solving the problem of muti-scenario electricity consumption, so as to reduce environmental pollution. The team has received first prize in the “Nanjing321” Entrepreneurship Competition in Europe and several other prizes.