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  • [September 9, 2017]

    COE warmly welcomes freshmen of 2017

  • The College of Engineering held a welcome ceremony for the freshmen of 2017 on Wednesday, September 6th.

    The ceremony, taking place in the Sunny Hall of Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center, got together many of the College of Engineering (COE) administrative leaders, faculty members, students and alumni to meet with the new entrants, a total of over 400 undergraduate, master and Ph.D. new students.

    Undergraduate student representative Shenhan Zhang reviewed his study experience in the past 12 years, and expressed joyfulness of stepping into the new campus. He announced his determination to study hard as an engineering student and make contributions to the engineering community.

    First-year graduate student representative Pengfei Tang said that he had more expectations than nervousness facing the new role as a graduate student. He wishes to discuss with supervisors and students to help him make goals and plans for the coming studies.

    Teacher representative Anyuan Cao speaks at the ceremony

    Teacher representative Anyuan Cao, professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering, COE, advised the students to always aim at a higher objective and work hard for it, instead of being contented and recessive in the future.

    Alumnus representative Yuan Feng delivers a speech

    COE alumnus Yuan Feng (2012’), co-founder and COO of Seer Robotics Shanghai, is a young entrepreneur in the field of robotics technology. He delivered an inspiring speech to the young generation, pointing out that a new reform of Artificial Intelligence is coming right now, and we should accept it and lead it.

    Dean Dongxiao Zhang welcomes the new entrants

    Finally, Professor Dongxiao Zhang, dean of COE, congratulated the students before making a brief introduction of COE. “Facing many grand challenges in the world, COE has been focusing on the frontier areas and engaging in a globalized talent cultivating plan. Our students have made many remarkable achievements. I hope you will grow with our college, to find your directions of career, to enjoy studies and work and the most importantly, to realize your own dreams and value.” said Zhang.