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  • [August 25, 2017]

    The Chinese-Franco Symposium on Damage and Fracture of Composite Structures held in the College of Engineering

  • From August 15 to 18, organized by the College of Engineering, Peking University (PKU) and the Institut Clement Ader, University of Toulouse, France, the Chinese-Franco Symposium on Damage and Fracture of Composite Structures: Analyses and Monitoring was held at Peking University. The symposium was co-chaired by Prof. Jianxiang Wang of PKU and Prof. Xiaojing Gong of Toulouse.

    Over 40 scholars and students from China, France, Australia, UK and US attended the symposium. It was the 2nd symposium in composite materials mechanics co-organized by the two universities following the first one in Tarbes, France in July 2015.

    Prof. Jianxiang Wang delivers the welcome speech

    Prof. Xiaojing Gong gives an opening speech

    The advanced composite material structure, which is represented by fiber reinforced composites, is widely used in contemporary industry. Especially, the amount of use of advanced composites has become one of the symbols of the competitiveness of civil and military aircraft. Due to the high degree of heterogeneity and anisotropy of composites, the analysis and detection of damage and fracture characteristics is vital for maintaining the safety of aircrafts, therefore it has been paid much attention by academia and industry.

    By giving invited talks, the scholars and students from home and abroad demonstrated the latest developments in the field of analysis and detection of composite structure damage / fracture. They also had deepened discussions on the theory studies, experimental tests, numerical simulations and other related issues in this area, creating opportunities for academic exchanges and in-depth discussions among multinational scholars in the future.

    Group photo