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  • [July 12, 2017]

    The Globex Julmester Program holds welcome ceremony

  • In the evening of July 6th, moderated by Assistant Dean Prof. Ray Han, the welcome ceremony for the Globex Julmester Program 2017 was held in Zhongguanyuan Global Village Banquet Hall at Peking University. Dean of the College of Engineering Dongxiao Zhang joined with the faculty and students of the program.

    Prof. Han hosts the ceremony

    Dean Zhang awards the Globex Fellow Certificate to the teachers

    Dean Zhang warmly welcomed the young people who have come from all over the world. He especially thanked the international teachers for their engagement, many of whom have participated in the program for several times. After delivering the welcome speech, Dean Zhang awarded the Globex Fellow Certificate to the teachers.

    During the gorgeous buffet dinner afterwards, a face-changing show, a magic show, and a Chinese traditional culture show were performed to give the audience a wonderful feeling about Chinese culture.

    The gorgeous culture show and buffet

    The Globex Julmester Program of the College of Engineering (COE) is a professional mobility program with a worldwide exchange of students from all disciplines of study. The program has been started in COE in every summer since 2012, which provides an opportunity for students from all over the world to attend courses taught by global university faculties.

    This year, to enhance students’ global and professional experience, the Globex Julmester will offer courses that focus on the core elements of our generation: engineering & science, engineering finance & entrepreneurship and society & globalization. Engineering and science generate new knowledge and skills for society to advance and prosper (10 engineering/science courses). To convert into useful products, the acquired knowledge and skills need to be commercialized through innovation and entrepreneurship (2 engineering finance & entrepreneurship courses). Societies are being profoundly impacted by China, as it grows to become the world’s largest economy, so Globex offers students an opportunity to study China and its peoples (3 China focused courses). Finally, there’s a course which covers a scientific journey of over 14 billion years of history to help students learn from their past as they move forward into the future.

    The altogether 16 courses will be taught by professors from many renowned universities, including UC-Irvine, University of Texas Austin (USA), University of Hong Kong, University of Ottawa (Canada), Seoul National University (Korea), Mines ParisTech (France), King’s College London (UK), and Chulalongkorn University (Thailand).

    About 350 students from Hong Kong (affiliation to HKU, City University, Polytech University, CUHK, HKUST, Lingnan University), Australia (affiliation to University of New South Wales, U of Melbourne etc.), Korea (affiliation to SNU, SKKU etc.), USA (affiliation to University of Texas Austin, UC Irvine etc.), Canada, UK, Singapore and other regions have participated in the program.

    The Globex Julmester Program holds welcome ceremony