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  • [June 25, 2017]

    COE’s Industrial Mentor Program - students visiting Zhengxing Group

  • Recently, organized by Mr. Jianhui Lai, one of the industrial mentors of the College of Engineering and Chairman of Zhengxing Group, many program students arrived at Zhangzhou of Fujian Province. They paid a two-day visit to Zhengxing Group and communicated with Mr. Lai.

    During the two-day tour, guided by Mr. Guojun Zhang, director of the Office of Zhengxing Group, the students got to know the three main business areas of Zhengxing Group- wheel production, education and medical care. The students deepened their understanding of Zhengxing Group's corporate culture and operation model, and enriched their thinking about the future development of education.

    The students also visited Hua’an Zhengxing Aluminum Alloy Wheel Co., Ltd. to learn about its technology. They then watched a short introduction film in the company’s headquarter to learn more about the corporate’s culture - "harmony, innovation, beyond". In addition, the project participants visited the Fujian special attraction – Hua’an Earth Building, which distinctive geographical characteristics, special historical value, artistic value and scientific value deeply impressed the students.

    The visit to Hua’an Zhengxing Aluminum Alloy Wheels Co., Ltd

    In the communication with Mr. Lai, the students introduced their study and work experiences respectively. Mr. Jianhui Lai shared his experiences in work and life and encouraged the students to find their own life value and enjoy the hard-working process in the youth. In the whole event, the students felt the positive and progressive atmosphere, and were greatly encouraged.

    Zhengxing Group's new Lai Fu town

    The "Industrial Mentor’s Program" is an attempt by the College of Engineering in the field of social practice. It aims to build a bridge between students and successful people to provide the students with more social contacts, and learn more about the relevant industry. The program hopes to help lay a good foundation for the students’ future career.