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  • [June 20, 2017]

    The 6th UPOS Awarding Ceremony held in the College of Engineering

  • On June 11, the College of Engineering held the 6th Undergraduate Practice Opportunity Scholarship (UPOS) Awarding Ceremony in Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. Many UPOS winners and representatives from Peking University Education Foundation and the College of Engineering attended the ceremony, along with the scholarship sponsors Mr. Philip Choong and Mrs. Hsia Choong. Ms. Yongmei Li, assistant dean of COE, hosted the event.

    The Undergraduate Practice Opportunity Scholarship (UPOS), established in 2011 by sponsors Mr. Philip Choong, currently Adjunct Professor in the School of Physics, Peking University (PKU), and Mrs. Hsia Choong, has benefited over a hundred undergraduate students, facilitating them to seek their favorite summer internship positions, to explore the outside world while still at school and to have a clearer understanding of what their future career might be. To ensure a desirable effect of the program, the Choong couple have been visiting the College regularly in the past few years, communicating with the students and offering many career advice.

    On the event, two of the 6th UPOS winners, student Shizhao Hou, Yanyan Chen expressed their desire of participating in internships to improve their insights and promote their abilities. Winners of last year Kun Zhang, Yingcong Hu and Jiamu Liu reviewed their internship experiences, which were found out to have given them real-time production experience, improved social and life skills and inspired sense of responsibilities. Winner of the 4th UPOS Yao Fu shared his internship experience in transportation design and deep learning.

    Mr. and Mrs. Choong

    The Choong couple congratulated the students for winning the scholarship and then gave sincere suggestions on many students’ career development. They then awarded the scholarship to winners of this year.

    Apart from UPOS, the Choong couple also funded several other scholarships in the School of Physics and the University, totaling nearly 6 million RMB, which have sponsored hundreds of students at Peking University.