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  • [April 10, 2017]

    Three COE professors recruited to the "Cheung Kong Scholars Program"

  • On March 31, the Ministry of Education officially announced the "Cheung Kong Scholars Program" recruitment list, and three teachers from College of Engineering, Peking University were selected, including Professor Yufeng Zheng as "Distinguished Professor", and Associate Professors Yongmao Pei and Ruqiang Zou as "Young Scholar." At this point, the number of "Cheung Kong Scholars" in the College was increased to 21.

    Professor Yufeng Zheng, Yongmao Pei and Ruqiang Zou

    Professor Zheng initiated and leaded the Laboratory of Biomedical Materials and Devices (LBMD) at the College of Engineering (COE) of Peking University (PKU), which work extensively on the biomedical materials and their applications in dentistry, orthopedics and interventional therapy.

    Prof. Pei focuses on the multi-field coupled mechanics of smart materials,  fabrication and characterization of actuators, sensors, etc. and the characterization of electromagnetic materials.

    And Prof. Zou’s research work focuses on developing both theoretical and experimental approaches to understand the specific interactions between various guest molecules (such as energy gases, greenhouse gases, toxics, phase change materials, environmental contaminations, and metal clusters) and the active sites within the nanoporous structures based on a series of novel porous framework materials, including aerogel, zeolites, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), covalent-organic frameworks (COFs) and clathrate hydrates.

    "Cheung Kong Scholars Program", together with "Overseas High-Level Talent Plan" and "Youth Talent Development Plan" is an important part of the national major talent project to constitute a national high-level personnel training support system. In 2016, a total of 159 professors were selected as "Distinguished Professor", 52 professors were named “Chair Professor”, and 229 were "Young Scholar."

    Since the implementation of the program, Peking University has been ranked high in terms of the affiliation. This year, a total of 28 people, including 15 professors and 13 young scholars from Peking University were selected.