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  • [July 26, 2016]

    Final Seminar of the 2016 Globex Speaker Series- Topic: Journalists Roundtable - Media and Journalism in China

  • On July 21, 2016 the PKU Engineering’s Globex Speaker Series hosted the final seminar entitled, “Journalists Roundtable - Media and Journalism in China”. It was held in the Lecture Hall of the PKU Gym #2. The speakers were Ms. Tian Wei, Host and Anchorperson of CCTV’s World Insight, together with Ms. Rosie Blau, China Correspondent for The Economist.

    Wei and Rosie both have extensive media experience: Wei is a leading TV anchorperson China’s international broadcasting industry. She has been the host of "World Insight" from day one, ever since the program was transformed from a weekly news roundup into a global debate show. Ms. Rosie Blau previously worked for the Financial Times, where she was an editor and writer. In her work as a journalist, she has covered energy, transport and a range of other areas.

    Globex Speaker Series: Media and Journalism in China

    After they shared their work experiences, the attendees showed tremendous interest in their opinions about China and the world from a journalist’s view. They asked the speakers many questions, such as the influence of culture export, whether China’s rising causes threat, the freedom of speech, unbiased report etc. Both speakers gave answers in different perspectives, but they both suggested students keep an open mind and look at issues from different points of view.

    In terms of better understanding China as a foreigner, Wei asked foreign students to comprehend China with empathy. “How the global nations as a whole should develop is a question worth thinking of by everyone. Taking national confidence as a condition, every nation should seek good experience from others to obtain better advancement,” said she.

    Globex Julmester instructor Prof. Joshua Eisenman chaired the roundtable. Prof. Ray Han, director of Globex Speaker Series and Prof. Susan Mays, another instructor of Globex Julmester were also present to handout the plaque to the 2 speakers.


    From left to right, Prof. Joshua Eisenman, Prof. Susan Mays, Ms, Wei Tian, Ms, Rosie Blau, and Prof. Ray Han

    The Globex Speaker Series that goes from July 6-21 is a part of the Globex Julmester program directed by Prof. Ray Han, assistant dean of PKU College of Engineering. The speakers include CEO/COO from IT companies, Patent Counsel, Director of Business Innovation, Entrepreneur, TV Host and Moderator. More info. can be found at