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  • [July 13, 2016]

    The U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus gives an invited talk at Peking University

  • On July 7, the College of Engineering’s Globex Speaker Series invited Mr. Max Baucus, the US Ambassador to China to give a talk at Peking University (PKU) and he spoke on the “US – China Relations Leading to the G-20”. Altogether, some 200 Globex students and faculty from more than a dozen of countries attended the talk with tremendous interest.

    The ambassador reflected on his own travel experiences, which according to him changed his life and outlook. He encourages students to always ask questions, follow their curiosities and make their own decisions on what they really what to do in life. He also shared his job experience as the US Ambassador to China. In turn, students asked Mr. Baucus about the upcoming US presidential election, the impact of China’s rise on the US, and many other questions related to international relations.

    Prof. Ray Han (left), host of Globex Speaker Series with Mr. Max Baucus (right), the US Ambassador to China

    The Globex Speaker Series that goes from July 6-21 is a part of the Globex Julmester program directed by Prof. Ray Han, assistant dean of PKU College of Engineering. The speakers include CEO/COO from IT companies, Patent Counsel, Director of Business Innovation, Entrepreneur, TV Host and Moderator. More info. can be found at