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  • [June 24, 2016]

    A recycling low-carbon house designed by COE researchers

  • In the recently held China’s 12th Five-Year Plan Science and Technology Innovation Show, a recycling low-carbon house designed by the College of Engineering researchers attracted the eyes of many.

    The house’s wall is made of a new type thermal material which is produced by directly using the high temperature of 1500?C molten metallurgical slag as raw material to couple with coal ash, iron tailings and other solid waste.

    Compared with traditional methods of furnace slag fiber production such as burning of coke, it significantly reduced energy consumption, generating lower costs, reducing environmental pollution as well as producing higher product performance.

    The method also resolves building safety issues such as organic wall insulation and fire risks.

    There are also other innovation of utilizing coal ash, including coupling it with plasticity clay to prepare a new ceramic material to make ceramic flooring, wall panels and a variety of household, health, and art ceramics. It can also be mixed with plastic powder wastes to prepare green synthetic wooden floors, composite board and other products.

    All these innovations come from the research made by the team of Xidong Wang, a professor in the Department of Energy and Resources Engineering, College of Engineering.

    Xinrong Zhang, another professor in the department, developed a 24-hr high efficient use technology of solar energy. He innovatively uses a new-type functional fluid material which evaporates at low temperature to achieve a synthetic and efficient use of solar, thermal and air energy.

    During the day time, there is a full use of solar energy, and in rainy weather or at night, energy supply needs is satisfied by taking advantage of the thermal and air difference inside and outside of the collector, solving the problem of the use of solar energy around the clock.

    The recycling house, with its main frame all made of solid waste utilization products, represents a new lifestyle of future families: low energy consumption, low emissions and recycling use of energy and resources.