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  • [December 14, 2015]

    Boeing Scholarship Awarding Ceremony grandly held in the College of Engineering

  • On December 4th, hosted by the College of Engineering (COE), the Boeing Day and Boeing Scholarship Awarding Ceremony was grandly held at Peking University, in the venue of Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. Sixteen COE students received Boeing Scholarship for the year 2014 and 2015.

    Dr. Ian Thomas, Boeing China President, Dr. Dong Yang Wu, Vice President, Boeing Research & Technology-China, Mr. David Wei, Director, Jeppesen China, Mr. Mike Snover, Manager, Boeing China Service Center and other delegates of Boeing joined the event.

    Attendees from Peking University are Professor Jie Wang, Vice President, Peking University, Professor Jianxiang Wang, Associate dean, College of Engineering, Professor Pingchou Han, Assistant Dean for International Relations, and Ms. Yongmei Li, Assistant Dean for Administrative Supervision. Students of the aviation club at PKU and other universities in Beijing also attended the ceremony.


    Ian Thomas and Jie Wang

    In his welcome speech, Prof. Jie Wang, Vice President of PKU, expressed sincere thanks to Boeing. He said that Boeing is renowned for helping the youth achieve their potential through educational enrichment, and Peking University has enjoyed a close relationship with Boeing for many years. In particular, Boeing China Investment, as a member of the Industrial Board of the College of Engineering, has been actively supporting the development of COE. Early in 2008, Boeing started to cooperate with COE, by setting up the Boeing scholarship, founding and supporting the aviation club, as well as participating in the Capstone Design program of COE. The total funding has reached 1.5 million yuan.

    Dr. Thomas then gave a keynote speech entitled “Engineer your dreams”. He mentioned that in the past 40 years, Boeing has delivered over 1000 airplanes to China, and will do that again in the next ten years. As China has become the second largest and fastest-growing commercial airplane market in the world, he encouraged the students to grab this good opportunity right now and take great responsibilities.

    Boeing Scholarship Recipients

    After that, all the students who have won Boeing Scholarship received the honor from Dr. Thomas, President of Boeing China. Two of the recipients Zhuoran Yu and Xinliu Wu shared their experiences.

    The next session was hosted by Dr. Xun Huang, Associate Professor, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Dr. Dong Yang Wu gave a presentation named “Boeing’s Technology Leadership and R&D Footprints in China”. She introduced that Boeing’s revenue in 2014 has exceeded 90 billion dollars, and Boeing has a long history and track record of innovation. She also shared the recent two aviation club activities organized by Boeing in Shanghai and Beijing respectively.

    Mr. Kai Wen from PKU Aviation Club then introduced the club’s organization, members, milestone, activities as well as their research in smart devices and fixed wing aircraft. The aviation club now has more than a hundred registered members, with its goal to offer the students a platform of communication and learning. The club also encourages students in Peking University to make more progress in aviation, by providing them with finical aid and technical supports.

    Panel Discussion

    In the panel discussion, students raised many questions to the Boeing leaders and experts. The questions included whether commercial airplane is likely to use electric fuel or nuclear power, whether composite materials will replace metal as airplane materials, what’s the challenges of using biofuel, how to become a successful engineer, etc. And the Boeing delegates gave detailed answers.

    On the morning, a display of B737, 747, 777, 787 models from the Boeing Company and student projects of the aviation club was shown near the university hall.