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  • [September 12, 2015]

    COE holds welcome ceremony for freshmen of 2015

  • The College of Engineering held a welcome ceremony for the freshmen of 2015 on Friday, September 11th. The ceremony, taking place in the Sunny Hall of Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center, got together many of the College of Engineering (COE) administrative leaders and faculty members to meet with the new entrants, a total of over 300 undergraduate, master and Ph.D. students.

    “ I’d like to warmly welcome you to this booming college, which has been growing remarkably since its re-establishment ten years ago,” Professor Dongxiao Zhang, dean of COE, addressed them before making a brief introduction of COE. “At COE we provide you with teaching from first-class faculty members and a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and international syllabus to help boost your growth and career development. I hope you will set up your short-term and long-term goals at an early stage, make full use of the facilities here, and not only learn knowledge but also create knowledge during your stay,” said Zhang.

    Teacher representative Peng Xi, associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, COE, reminded the new entrants to make full use of the college’s resources and opportunities so as to build and maintain their own competitiveness and study hard to realize their dreams.

    COE alumnus Jifeng Xu (1981’), now vice chief designer of Beijing Civil Airplane Technology, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd., delivered an inspiring speech to the young generation. He shared his study experience at Peking University, and suggested the students to learn from wise people, to keep continuous learning and to have a great sense of social responsibility and team spirit.

    Senior student representative Meicheng Shi, freshman representative Linxuan Zeng and first-year graduate student Yu’nong Zhou also shared their stories and aspirations on the ceremony.