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  • [June 5, 2014]

    Capstone Design projects shine at Design Night 2014

  • Recently, over 30 senior students of the College of Engineering Capstone Design courses demonstrated their projects that they have been working on during the past academic year.

    The projects were all sourced from the industrial partners, this year including Siemens China, Schlumberger China, Bombardier, Boeing, Atmet Singapore, Ease-Med Trent and Litens.

    By working with the peers from National University of Singapore and University of Toronto, the College of Engineering students completed the industrial projects that have practical use for the companies, with guidance from both the university professors and company engineers.

    The demonstrated 11 projects aimed to make people’s daily life easier or give specific solutions to industrial problems. For instance, the project “Handheld Food Safety Tester” aimed to design a personalized food safety tester that can help test dairy food safety individually at home. The team focused on Chinese dairy market and carried out research on domestic market and usability test on prototypes, with a hope that the product can help regain consumers’ confidence in home brands and rebuild a healthy dairy domestic market.

    In another project “Smart Shopping Solution”,  the students created a system which combines online shopping, mobile shopping and shopping in real supermarkets, called IGo. For supermarkets, IGo provides a way to convert passive advertising to active advertising, by allowing supermarkets to make precise marketing based on the accumulated data of the customer. For customers, IGo enables them to browse all the product information without stepping into the supermarket and make comparisons among different supermarkets so that they can save time and money.

    The project “Commercial Aircraft Repair” provides a more economical and simple solution to the problem of minor damage of the composite interiors of Bombardier’s In-Service aircraft during operation. Compared to the uneconomical replacement of these interior components, the project designed a scarf repair, which is inexpensive and simple to carry out, and both the simulation and mechanical test proved that scarf repair can maintain strength comparable to original part.

    “I think the Capstone Design course is very interesting. In our endeavor to achieve the project goal, we have to focus on not only the product design, but also the product package and marketing. By doing the project, we care more about the connection between theory and practice. We also learned a lot from our teachers, sponsor companies, and peers,” said Ziqi Xu, team member of the project “Indoor Locator System”, provided by Boeing.