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  • [September 9, 2013]

    COE welcomes freshers of 2013

  • The College of Engineering (COE) hosted a welcome ceremony for the freshers of 2013 in the Sunny Hall of Yingjie Exchange Center at Peking University on September 5.

    “You’ve come to the College of Engineering at a great time, as our college is making big strides forward in recent years. We are capable of providing many excellent opportunities in diverse areas and I hope you will achieve great self-growth during your stay,” Dongxiao Zhang, dean of the College of Engineering, made the above remarks to all the freshers.

    The ceremony got together many of the COE administrative leaders, department chairs, faculty members, office staff and senior students, to meet with the new entrants, a total of over 300, including 108 undergraduates, 97 master and 121 Ph.D. students. These bright-eyed newcomers streamed into the campus on August 31st, and will spend at least two years in COE to pursue their degrees.

    COE alumnus Yubo Fan (1983’), now professor and dean of the Biomedical College at Beihang University, delivered an inspiring speech to the young generation. He recalled his college life about three decades ago, and pointed out that his studies in COE provided him a solid academic foundation in his research area. He asked the engineering students to study hard and become outstanding talents in the future.

    Teacher representative Jianzhong Xi, professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, reminded the new entrants to learn self-control and form good habits during the college life. He also stressed the emergence of improving engineering technologies of China and the importance of shouldering national and social responsibility for collegiate students.

    Senior student representative Qi Zhou, freshman representative Jingyu Yang and first-year graduate student Danmei Luo also shared their stories on the ceremony.