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  • [August 29, 2013]

    BME undergraduates successfully complete Summer Practice in Atlanta

  • Recently, junior students from Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) in College of Engineering completed their summer practice in Atlanta, U.S., led by Professor Changhui Li. The program was strongly supported by College of Engineering (COE) at Peking University (PKU) and Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech/Emory University.

    The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech/Emory University is very famous on both education and research, ranking top the second in America in this field. During the one-month internship, the BME undergraduates from PKU had an extensive experience in attending courses and research activities.

    GT/Emory prepared well for the student’s come. In education, they particularly designed basic biomedical experimental courses, including the cultivation of mammalian cells, frog legs reflexes, and earthworms muscle kinematics measurements etc. Unlike the courses in China, students were required not only analyzing data, but also design unique procedure after reading references, and present their results to all classmates and teachers. The students have learned a lot from the courses, such as independent design, critical thinking, and teamwork.

    In addition to experimental courses, the students spent much more time in the laboratory. They joined different laboratories to carry out research, with the help of student tutors who assisted them in understanding the scientific content and guiding them participating in research. “During the month, the students gained deep understanding about the world-first class BME research method and process, which would be a good stimulator to their future academic career,” said Li.

    Besides course and lab work, BME students toured a variety of laboratories, and had chances to communicate with the world-famous professors face-to-face about how to choose research field, how to apply to schools and some other issues. Professors also shared their professional experiences as well as lessons learned on how to carry out research and collaborate with others. Students also participated in a lot of extra-curriculum activities to gain more understanding about American life and culture. They commented that the summer practice in Atlanta had a profound influence in helping them planning their research career.

    “I believe the international summer practice helps in promoting the teaching and research level at BME department, in addition, this program is a valuable exploration in collaborative education with world-class universities for College of Engineering,” said Li.