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  • [March 15, 2013]

    University of Pittsburgh seeks more cooperation with COE

  • On March 11, a team of nearly 60 University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering faculty and students paid a visit to the College of Engineering (COE) under the Pittsburgh-PKU INNOVATE program coordinated at PKU by Professor Pingchou Han, Assistant Dean of Engineering. The team, led by Larry Shuman, senior associate dean in academic affairs, Swanson School of Engineering, and Minking Chyu, Leighton Orr Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, intended to know more about COE’s Globex Design program.

    The team was warmly welcomed by Professor Shaoqiang Tang, associate dean of College of Engineering. Tang introduced COE's history, departments, faculty, students and most importantly, the international exchanges programs. Tang said that COE has valued international programs development since the very beginning of its reestablishment in 2005. After year’s efforts, many innovative ideas have taken ground, such as the Globex Design program, the Globex Education Program and the Joint Ph.D. programs.

    Following Tang’s welcome speech, one of the current Globex Design teams made a full presentation about their project “Smart Shopping Solution” (SSS), to give the visitors an idea of the kind of projects carried out by PKU seniors in their capstone design class. The SSS project supervised by Professor Han involves nearly 20 students from three universities (Peking University, University of Toronto, and National University of Singapore), is an excellent reflect of the program’s characteristic: cross-cultural collaboration. The presentation was highly spoken of by the audience.

    The Swanson School of Engineering has a strong engineering legacy built on the traditions of Pittsburgh's industrial past. It shares with COE many programs, such as bioengineering, petroleum engineering, industrial engineering and materials science. Since last year, it is the second time that a sizable team from Swanson visited COE. After last year’s visit, the School has signed agreement to join COE’s Globex Summer this year in Beijing. And it’s promising that this year’s visit could lead to their participation in the Globex Design program.