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  • [November 29, 2012]

    The COE Team wins three champions in China Robot Competition 2012

  • The China Robot Competition 2012 was held at Nanjing University of Technology from November 16 to 18, 2012. This competition consists of 10 Leagues (including Underwater Robot, Dancing robot, Standard Platform, etc.) and 31 events.

    As the unique team from Peking University, the COE SharPKUngfu team, under the guidance of Prof. Guangming Xie, attended the competition of the Underwater Robot League and finally won the championship in three events.

    The China Robot Competition is the top-level competition in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence in China, which is jointly organized by the Robot Competition Committee of Chinese Association of Automation, the RoboCup China Committee, and the Center for High-Tech Research and Development, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

    This year’s competition attracted 400 registered teams from 50 universities and institutes, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, and so on.

    The COE SharPKUngfu Team was founded in the Intelligence Control Laboratory in March 2004. In 2005, The Team first appeared in the China Robot Competition and the Robocup China Open and won the third place. From 2006, the team keeps winning at least one championship every year. The first team captain, Dr. Qining Wang, has graduated and become a young faculty in COE, whose research interests include biomimetic intelligent robots, intelligent mechanical bodies and cooperative control of multi-robot systems. 

    Since the re-establishment of the College of Engineering in 2005, the SharPKUngfu Team has received great attention and support from the college.

    The team aims to create a virtuous circle that the competition and academic research should promote each other. Running in such an effective and reasonable mode, scientific research results are achieved continuously; in the meantime, the excellent performance is also kept in the robot competition.

    The team leader and the team members have been interviewed by several national media like CCTV, Xinhua, China Education Television, China National Radio and Guangming Daily.

    Robotic fish in the Water Polo Game

    All members of the SharPKUngfu Team 


    Champion Trophies