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  • [September 25, 2012]

    Student teams win prizes in the 2nd National Petroleum Engineering Design Competition

  • Team Hanwu, second place winner of NPEDC 2012.
    From left to right: Junchao Li, Tingyun Yang, Tianhao Wu, and Cheng Dai

    Recently, the 2nd National Petroleum Engineering Design Competition (NPEDC) finals came to a close at China University of Petroleum (Beijing).

    Team Hanwu, comprised of Department of Energy & Resources Engineering (ERE) graduate students Tianhao Wu, Cheng Dai, Junchao Li and Tingyun Yang took second place in the Integrated Section. Another student team Changqingshi, members including ERE graduate students Ran Gao and Xin Shi, won the third prize in Reservoir Section.

    Hosted by Chinese National Committee for World Petroleum Council, Chinese Petroleum Society, and China Petroleum Education Society, the three-month contest attracted 685 valid teams from 23 colleges or institutes to compete.

    Teams were given access to basic data of a designated oil field and asked to provide a whole set or part of a design scheme involving reservoir engineering, drilling, production, and ground surface engineering.

    With three rounds of initial reviews and one final oral defense, the contest produced one top award, eleven first place winners, twenty-three second place, seventy-one third place, and 200 participating awards. ERE Associate Professor Bin Gong was among the judging panel.

    Last year, in the 1st NPEDC, 421 teams from 16 national universities and colleges participated. Team Polyman, comprised of ERE students Xuan Liu, Zhijie Wei, Xiang Li, Yongbin Zhang and Tianhao Wu, took first place. Another COE team won the Participating Award. Associate Professor Bin Gong was awarded with the title “Outstanding Instructor.”

    Sponsors of the second competition included China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec Group, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Harding Shelton Group.

    Written by Ran Gao
    Edited by Xuyun Bao