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  • [September 2, 2012]

    COE welcomes new entrants

  • On September 1, Peking University (PKU) campus was crowded with over 3600 new entrants of the academic year 2012 from nationwide on their first day of school for matriculation. All the related PKU offices, colleges, departments and schools set up individual reception kiosks on the grounds near Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium, adjacent to the Southeast gate, to welcome the new students and their families. The event aims to carry out matriculation for all the freshers and help them settle down to the brand-new college life smoothly.

    In the kiosk of the College of Engineering (COE), the COE staff of Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education, Student Affairs, and Secretaries of Departments was well prepared to expect about 200 new faces, including 94 freshmen, 45 master students and 125 Ph.D. candidates. They warmly greeted them, handed out the prepared settle-down booklets and materials, and assisted them to go through each step of the matriculation process.

    Professor Kefu Huang, associate dean for undergraduate education, Professor Shaoqiang Tang, associate dean for graduate education, Zhili Sun, associate dean for administration, and Junkai Li, vice secretary in charge of student affairs, were present in the event.

    In addition, many COE senior student volunteers were onsite to help the new arrivals settle down in the campus. They guided them to their dormitories, answered their enquiries, and shared many things they know about PKU, one of the top universities in China.

    During the day, PKU Secretary Shanlu Zhu, PKU President Qifeng Zhou and COE Dean Shiyi Chen visited the COE kiosk. They communicated with the new students and encouraged them to study hard to gain a fruitful university experience.

    The commencement ceremony of COE has been scheduled on Friday, September 9, 2012.

    Re-established in 2005, the College of Engineering has undergone rapid and eye-catching progress in the past 7 years, particularly in terms of student education, academic research, international exchange and technology transfer. It’s providing more and more excellent opportunities for its students to realize their academic development and individual growth during their valuable time at university.

    COE Kiosk

    COE welcomes new entrants

    PKU President Qifeng Zhou and COE Dean Shiyi Chen