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  • [May 23, 2012]

    Eight COE students receive Boeing Scholarship

  • Recently, eight College of Engineering students received their certificates of Boeing Scholarship from Marc Allen, President of Boeing China, and Dr. Dongyang Wu, Vice President of Boeing Research & Technology China, in a ceremony held at Peking University.

    Peking University Vice President Yan Zhang and COE Associate Deans Xiaolei Wu and Shaoqiang Tang attended the event.

    The recipients were commended for their overall performance in the academic year 2010-2011. Boeing funded the scholarship totaled US$14,000 to recognize students in two categories: “Boeing merit-based scholarship for outstanding students” ($2000 awarded to four students) and “Boeing merit-based scholarship” ($1500 awarded to four students).

    Scholarships are given to full-time students who display technical or business meet certain academic criteria and be of scholarship merit and potential, and possess excellent leadership and communication skills.

    Dongkun Zhang, an undergraduate student enrolled in 2009 and majoringin Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, said the scholarship reflected his efforts in the last year and it would propel him forward in achieving his dreams.

    Yan Zhang, Vice President of Peking University, talked about his perspective on the university-enterprise relationship.

    "The advancement of society relies not only on education institutions, but also on enterprises,” Zhang said. “Our students are all enrolled after a highly selective process. They are potential leaders of tomorrow. I believe their links with very successful companies like Boeing will bring mutual benefits."

    "Peking University is a prestigious university in China, and we value our relations," said Allen. ” We currently focus on two things: the aviation club and the scholarships. The aviation club is the [our priority], because we want to see passion for aviation across the student body. The scholarships are to make possible the continued engagement of the students to pursue their studies."

    "We expect students with research excellence, innovation capability,  teamwork mentality, the ability to carry out research and engineering projects and to deliver results," added Wu.