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  • [May 16, 2012]

    Part 2: Life as a COE Student

  • [Editor's note] As we enter college admissions season, we hope to provide an insider’s account of the College of Engineering. In order to do so, we interviewed six current students about their life at Peking University. The series will contain six interviews.

    Yaonan Kong is a junior majoring in Materials Science and Engineering.

    Q: Why did you choose COE?
    Because COE offers a wide range of majors, some of which are related to the chemistry science, some are related to physics. COE students enjoy a broad scope of employment opportunities.

    Q: What kind of platforms has COE provided for your studies and research?
    The College offers a high-quality teaching environment, with very responsible professors. Whenever we have questions during the courses, they answer them patiently. Also, they [allow] students to join their labs and carry out research in their groups if the students intend to do so.

    Q: Does COE care about the students’ after-school life?
    Absolutely. There are various activities organized by many student groups and societies, such as the Student Union, the Association of Youth Volunteers and many other societies. They provide lots of opportunities and roles for members to utilize their talents in different fields.

    Q: How have you grown since you entered Peking University?
    A: I have learned a lot of knowledge and made a lot of dear friends. Most importantly, I gradually came to know what I want to achieve in my life, and what career path I’d like to take. I will make unremitting efforts to realize my own dreams.

    Q: What advice do you have for incoming freshmen about  university and major selection?
    A: I think learning in university is a lot different from that in high school. People’s ideas and interests may change as time goes by. Try to make more attempts, and make your decision after a comprehensive consideration of all factors.