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  • [April 23, 2012]

    Peking University launches first Engineering Design Contest

  • Peking University launched its first Engineering Design Contest, offering a prize pool of 200,000 yuan.

    Organized by the College of Engineering and Youth League Committee, the event intends to encourage students to be creative and implement their ideas into real products or designs.

    Appraisal will be based on a comprehensive evaluation of the innovativeness, scientific content and practicality of the final product.

    Science and technology are advancing rapidly on a daily basis and engineering technology is playing an increasingly important role in the development of economics and society. In recent years, China’s central government has made a strategic decision to “enhance the capability of independent innovation and build an innovation-oriented country .”

    As an important academic institution and base for talents cultivation, Peking University is playing a leading role in facilitating the country’s construction of an innovative society.

    This contest aims to encourage innovative ideas and practices by offering all PKU students interested in engineering designs a platform to show their innovative capabilities.

    The participants need to produce an engineering design, invention or product based on original ideas, that is scientific and practical for use. Students are required to utilize previous knowledge, explore the unknown and seek advice from professionals and teachers. 

    Registration for the contest is now open; participants have five months to complete their work by the mid-September deadline. Twenty-five works will be selected, 15 going on to complete in the final contest and 10 receiving a Participant Award of 3,000 yuan.

    A judging panel will determine the winners from the advancing 15 works in mid-October. The top winner will receive 30,000 yuan, while three First Prize winners will receive 20,000 yuan. Five Second Prize winners will each receive 10,000 yuan and six Third Prize winners will take 5,000 yuan.