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  • [April 1, 2012]

    15 COE students receive Schlumberger Scholarship

  • On March 29, 15 College of Engineering undergraduate students were awarded scholarships of 150,000 yuan from Schlumberger China.

    Schlumberger Beijing Geoscience Center General Manager Pearl Chu, Schlumberger China Personnel Manager Christy Chang and Director of Schlumberger China Petroleum Institute Bernard Montaron conferred the awards at a Peking University ceremony.

    Schlumberger awarded scholarships to five sophomores, five juniors and five seniors. Each person will receive 10,000 yuan to pay for tuition, fees and a portion of living expenses.

    “Schlumberger has supported our students from as early as 2006, right after our College was re-established. Many of our students have benefited, especially those who have financial difficulties,”said Shiyi Chen, dean of the College of Engineering.

    “The name ‘Schlumberger’ is not new to our students as it also supports our undergraduate education program: GLOBEX Design,” added Pingchou Han, assistant dean of COE for global education. “They provide industrial design projects for our students to work on and also technical support.”

    Schlumberger Limited is the world's leading oilfield services company supplying technology and project management in the oil and gas industry. It has set up scholarship programs in 50 ambassador universities in the world.

    To qualify for the scholarship at Peking University, students must rank within the top five of their first-year studies. They may continue to receive the award throughout college if their GPAs rank within the top 30 percent of their class.

    Chu congratulated the students and discussed her own career at Schlumberger. Chu joined the company immediately after graduating college 20 years ago. She welcomed  PKU students to apply for openings in Schlumberger.