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  • [March 27, 2012]

    COE selects works to participate in the 20th Challenge Cup Competition

  • The College of Engineering recently held an oral defense to select the eligible works to participate in the university-level competition: 20th Challenge Cup. The judging panel were made up of faculty members from all departments.

    The Challenge Cup is a prestigious academic and scientific competition for college students in China. Each year, a large number of students participate in the competition with their innovative works, including scientific papers, inventions or designs.

    The selected works will then be evaluated in a university-level competition; winning works go on to participate in a city-level and national competition.

    This year, COE received 29 papers in natural science and nine inventions, categorized in six fields: solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, control, energy, biomedicine and materials. Eleven were selected to compete in the oral defense.

    Each team made a brief presentation and answered questions raised by the judges. The judging panel offered critiques on how each team could improve both their work and their presentation. The PKU competition will be held in May.

    The COE judging panel is chaired by Professor Shaoqiang Tang. Judging members include Yong Wang, Yipeng Shi, and Guoxin Cao from the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering; Hao Wang from the Department of Energy and Resources Engineering, Huaiqiu Zhu from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Yanfeng Zhang from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.