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  • [March 12, 2012]

    PKU students offer commentary of the PKU-YNU Short-Visit Program

  • After returning from Japan, PKU students who participated in the PKU-YNU Short-Visit Program submitted individual reports to COE, in which they spoke highly of this international exchange program. Here are some excerpts:

    “In my eyes, this program is so diverse which not only includes culture understanding, city, campus and historical tour, but also contains different kinds of lab tours, academic lectures and industrial excursion…Through this program, we understand Japanese society and culture better.” --HU Dan, Junior
    View HU Dan’s Full Report (PDF)

    “Before I came to Japan, I have heard of Japan’s global leadership in industry and advanced technology. The visits to Shiseido Kamakura Factory and Toyo Seikan Kaisha Yokohama Factory strengthened this impression; but more importantly, it told me the secrets of success of Japanese enterprises.”--LI Xiang, Senior
    View Li Xiang’s Full Report (PDF)

    “We visited Shiseido factory and CAN factory…The high manufacturing standards also shocked me a lot. Before we enter the producing workshop, we received more than five times disinfection processes, in this way the high product quality can be guaranteed.”-- ZHANG Di, Junior
    View Zhang Di’s Full Report (PDF)

    “I felt lucky to attend this program. It gave me a chance to communicate with YNU students, to understand Japan better, to renew my view of study aboard, to develop my experience.”-- SONG Jiafang, Junior
    View Song Jiafang’s Full Report (PDF)

    “By attending this program, I have learnt so much, not only about knowledge in science but also something about society and culture. I hope this program will continue and give more students of both YNU and PKU a chance to know a different country and to experience life abroad.”-- WANG Zhifeng, Junior
    View Wang Zhifeng’s Full Report (PDF)

    Background information:
    From February 18-26, 10 undergraduate students participated in the Peking University (PKU) – Yokohama National University (YNU) Short-Visit Program at the YNU campus in Japan. During the nine-day stay, participants engaged in life at YNU, communicated with faculty and students, and experienced Japanese culture.