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  • [March 1, 2012]

    PKU-YNU Short Visit Program successfully held at Yokohama National University

  • From February 18-26,  ten undergraduate students participated in the Peking University (PKU) – Yokohama National University (YNU) Short-Visit Program on the YNU campus in Japan.

    During the nine-day stay, students visited the Research Institute of Environment and Informational Sciences (EIS) and Faculty of Engineering at YNU. They also communicated with faculty and students.

    The Short-Visit Program includes a series of academic lectures given by YNU professors, visits to Japanese factories, and insight to Japanese culture. Professor Araki, Professor Shiraishi, and Professor Hasegawa introduced their work on fuel cells, cell mechanics, and thermal barrier coating, respectively. After the lectures, the PKU students were invited to visit the research labs, where they were witness to new engineering projects such as an undergraduate task to create their own race car for a national competition

    Besides visiting the YNU campus, PKU students went to several factories in Yokohama. In Shiseido Kamakura Factory, which manufactures lipsticks and lotions, PKU students were surprised by the strict cleaning standard it adopted to ensure the quality of its cosmetics. In Toyo Seikan Kaisha, LTD, a company producing various kinds of cans for drinks, foods, and batteries, the PKU students witnessed  highly automated production lines: a factory that produces hundreds of million cans per year with only 357 employees.

    YNU Professor Andrade taught students about Japanese history, society and people. Following the lecture, students toured the Kamakura area, the former capital of Japan, as well as Tokyo – a world-famous metropolis.

    Welcome reception by YNU

    Prof. Araki demonstrating the working principle of fuel cell by a model

    Prof. Shiraishi showing his noise-reducing room

    Professor Hasegawa introducing his work on thermal barrier coating

    Visit to Shiseido Kamakura Factory

    PKU students showing their certifications for completing the program

    A report on this event was published on the YNU university website on February 28: