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  • [January 6, 2012]

    Happy New Year 2012

  • The College of Engineering wishes its students, faculty and supporters a Happy New Year.

    The university had a short break from December 31 – January 2 to celebrate the New Year; it will be on holiday from January 11 – February 9 during Spring Festival to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

    As always, the days prior to the Spring Festival holiday prove to be an anxious yet busy time for everyone in the College of Engineering, with faculty and staff members starting year-end reports, and students preparing for final exams.

    Nevertheless, it has been an established tradition to host the New Year Gala, a celebration of New Year’s Day, featuring a play directed and acted by students and faculty.

    Students and faculty presented the play on Dec. 12, 2011. It featured three hours of dancing, playing, vocal soloists, instrumental performances, and poem readings. Many followed the gala through Sina Micro-blog.

    Junkai Li, director of the Office for Student Affairs, supervised the whole program.

    “It was mainly credited to our students, who did everything including the organizing, screenwriting, directing, and playing,” Li said. “The Literature and Art Division of the Student Union in the College of Engineering organized the gala, bringing out our students’ talents in art, music, literature and more which are hidden in their everyday studies. It also cheered up their spirits and was a good event for team work. Students from freshmen to seniors have keenly participated.”

    Highlights included a short play, “If You Are the One,” which poked fun at criteria that male engineers use in picking up girlfriends, Dean Shiyi Chen’s solo of an affectionate folk song, “Father’s Grassland, Mother’s River,” and a rhythmic and energetic group dance.

    The gala also featured a pre-recorded video depicting the life of a typical engineering student, ending with many teachers sending New Year’s wishes.

    Besides the gala celebration, a get-together with year-end meetings, a formal dinner and performances for faculty and staff has been scheduled for January 14 in Xin Kai Yuan Hotel.