GCSP Launched at Peking University, China

On October 17, 2017, the Launch Ceremony of the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) was held at the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Peking University (PKU). PKU becomes the first university from mainland China joining in the GCSP network.


Prof. Yanfeng Zhang’s group makes significant progresses in the syntheses and applications of two-dimensional metallic transition metal dichalcogenides

Through temperature-dependent Raman characterizations, they detected the CDW transition from nearly commensurate to commensurate phases on the ultrathin 2H-TaS2 flakes with reducing the thicknesses.

Prof. Huai Yang and Shaojun Guo achieve important progress in multi-responsive flexible liquid crystals smart films

They promoted a new procedure for making the flexible multi-responsive smart film containing tin doped indium oxide nanocrystals and phase-separated liquid crystals-polymer.

Prof. Huai Yang’s team makes big progress in electrically responsive liquid crystalline photonic crystals

The research results are published in Advanced Functional Materials, entitled “Asymmetric Tunable Photonic bandgaps in Self-Organized 3D nanostructure of Polymer-stabilized Blue Phase I Modulated by Voltage Polarity”.


Prof. Huiling Duan’s group makes significant progress in making superhydrophobicity last underwater

The Physics Synopsis column of the APS website highlighted this discovery by publishing an article stating that “researchers find tricks to prolong the typically short-lived water repellency of a superhydrophobic surface”.


Prof. Qian Wang and collaborators discover a tri-anion particle with colossal stability

College of Engineering researchers have achieved a feat that is a first in the fields of physics and chemistry—one that could have wide-ranging applications.


Two papers from Xiaowei Zhan group were selected as "100 most-impact international papers of China in 2016"

The two papers were 1) High-Performance Electron Acceptor with Thienyl Side Chains for Organic Photovoltaics and 2) A Facile Planar Fused-Ring Electron Acceptor for As-Cast Polymer Solar Cells with 8.71% Efficiency.

Prof. Shiyi Chen, Founding Dean of COE, wins "the 2017 Qiushi Outstanding Scientist Award"

At 7:00pm on the 16th, Chairman of the Foundation Mr. Mou Sing Cha, advisors Mr. Chen Ning YANG and Mr. HAN Qide witnessed the ceremony along with renowned scientists in many fields in the academia in China.


The doctoral dissertation of Luoqin Liu of LTCS published in Springer

He worked on the force theories of aerodynamics, which is of significant theoretical significance and application value. The related research results have been published in top academic journals such as JFM and POF.

Beijing Key Laboratory for Magnetoelectric Functional Materials and Devices established

This laboratory is targeted at strengthening academic exchanges between domestic magnetic and electric materials and devices.


Dean of the US National Academy of Engineering visits PKU Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Accompanying the delegation were Dongxiao Zhang, dean of COE and NAE fellow, Yongmei Li, associate dean of the PKU Innovation Institute, and Dong Wang, vice-director of the Center of PKU Makers.


A delegation from University of Michigan visits the College of Engineering to discuss technology transfer

The delegation included Huetwell Prof. Yuqing Chen from the Cardiovascular Medicine Center, Prof. Chuanwu Xi from School of Public Health, and Mr. Tiefei Dong, Assistant Director of Technology Transfer Office.