Commencement ceremony held for Class of 2017

There were altogether 276 graduates this year, including 77 Bachelor Degrees obtainers, 116 Master Degrees obtainers and 83 Ph.D. graduates.


Jianjun Tao’s Group makes progress on the study of sand storm

Prof. Jianjun Tao’s Group in the College of Engineering has cooperated with the Key Laboratory of Mechanics on Disaster and Environment in Western China and just published a letter on Physics of Fluids.

Professor Guangming Xie’s group develops novel communication system for underwater robots

Recently, the research team led by Professor Guangming Xie from College of Engineering of Peking University has developed a bio-inspired electrocommunication system, providing a new insight for underwater communication.

Prof. Jianfei Liu’s group publishes a new mesh coarsening method

Recently, International Journal For Numerical Methods In Engineering, the top journal on computational mechanics, published an article of Prof. Liu’s group entitled “A new method for coarsening tetrahedral meshes”.


Research progress on Nash Equilibrium topology of multi-agent systems with competitive groups published by Prof. Long Wang

The paper is published on IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS in June 2017.


The 6th UPOS Awarding Ceremony held in the College of Engineering

Many UPOS winners and representatives from Peking University Education Foundation and the College of Engineering attended the ceremony, along with the scholarship sponsors Mr. Philip Choong and Mrs. Hsia Choong.

The Department of Mechanics and Engineering Sciences invites alumnus Quan Wang to give a lecture on ocean energy collection

In his lecture, Prof. Wang pointed out that in recent years, piezoelectric materials have been tried to be used to harvest energy from waves.

COE’s Industrial Mentor Program - students visiting Zhengxing Group

During the two-day tour, guided by Mr. Guojun Zhang, director of the Office of Zhengxing Group, the students got to know the three main business areas of Zhengxing Group- wheel production, education and medical care.


The Globex Julmester Program holds welcome ceremony

About 350 students from Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore and other regions have participated in the program.


A delegation from ParisTech visits PKU and COE to discuss cooperation

On May 17th, a delegation headed by Elisabeth Crépo, Vice President of ParisTech, paid a visit to Peking University (PKU) and College of Engineering (COE) to discuss possibilities of cooperation expansion.


Prof. Giacomin, Editor-in-Chief of Physics of Fluids, visits LTCS

Recently, Prof. Giacomin visited the State Key Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Systems (LTCS).