Commencement ceremony held for Class of 2016

On July 2nd, College of Engineering (COE) grandly hosted a commencement ceremony for Class of 2016 graduates in Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center at Peking University.


College of Engineering undergraduate students receive UPOS Scholarship

Eleven undergraduate students who intend to take summer internship positions recently received the Undergraduate Practice Opportunity Scholarship.


The 2016 Globex Julmester Program holds welcome ceremony

This year, a total of 14 instructors and 396 students from 38 universities of 8 countries participated in the program, marking a new high in the program’s history since 2012.

President of the US National Academy of Engineering Dr. Dan Mote Gives a Speech at PKU

On May 31st, 2016, invited by the College of Engineering (COE), Peking University, Dr. C. D. Mote, Jr. gave a speech at Peking University, on the topic of globalization and the engineering enterprise.

A delegation from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology visits the College of Engineering

The two parties increased mutual understanding between the two sides and laying a good foundation for future cooperation.


Prof. Zhenhai Xia from University of North Texas gives an invited lecture about dynamics self-cleaning mechanism of gecko feet

After studying the attaching, detaching and walking mechanisms of this amazing animal, the team reported a unique self-cleaning mechanism possessed by the nano-pads of gecko spatula.

A recycling low-carbon house designed by COE researchers

The recycling house, with its main frame all made of solid waste utilization products, represents a new lifestyle of future families: low energy consumption, low emissions and recycling use of energy and resources.

The U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus gives an invited talk at Peking University

On July 7, the College of Engineering’s Globex Speaker Series invited Mr. Max Baucus, the US Ambassador to China to give a talk at Peking University (PKU) and he spoke on the “US – China Relations Leading to the G-20”.


New advances in highly efficient nanowire catalysts published in Nature Communications

Recently, Prof. Shaojun Guo from College of Engineering, Peking University collaborated with Prof. Xiaoqing Huang from Soochow University for developing a new Zigzag-like high-density high-index faceted CoPt nanowires.

Mirror Improves Microscope Resolution for Studying Cells

By introducing a mirror behind the biological specimen, Dr. Peng Xi’s group in College of Engineering, Peking University have addressed a problem that has long challenged scientists: seeing the structures of cells with improved resolution in all three dimensions.

Dr. Antony K. Chen's group makes new progress in the development of live-cell RNA imaging probes

The group developed a new molecular imaging probe that enables live-cell imaging of RNAs with single-molecule sensitivity. The research was published in Biomaterials.