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The 5th Symposium on Liquid Crystal Photonics (SLCP) successfully held

Prof. Huai Yang from the College of Engineering at Peking University served as the chairman of the organizing committee.


Dr. Yanfeng Zhang appointed Cheung Kong Young Scholar

Dr. Yanfeng Zhang of the College of Engineering was recently appointed by the Ministry of Education of China as a Cheung Kong Young Scholar of 2015.


King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals visits the College of Engineering to seek collaboration

The delegation included Dr. Abdulaziz O. Kaabi, founding dean of the College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences (CPG).

Hong Kong University delegation visits Peking University and the College of Engineering

After the University-level discussion, Professor Francis C.M. LAU, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, HKU met with Professor Jianxiang Wang, Pingchou Han and Huiling Duan.

The Office of Development of Georgia Tech visits COE to discuss development issues

On March 25, Ms. Marta Garcia, Assistant Vice President of Development of Georgia Tech and Ms. Jiachen Wang, Executive Assistant to Office of Development Asia Pacific, visited the College of Engineering (COE).


Alumni reunite on campus to celebrate Peking University’s 118th anniversary

Hundreds of PKU alumni and their families returned to their beloved campus to celebrate alma mater’s 118th anniversary and participate in a variety of activities organized by the university.

Professor Yang Zhang from Sheffield University gives an invited talk on stereoscopic shadowgraph

The talk was entitled “High speed stereoscopic shadowgraph/Schlireren and its digital reconstruction”.


Prof. Yanglong Hou group makes progress in Li-S battery research

Owing to the increasing demands of energy storage in portable electronics, vehicle electrification and grid-scale stationary storage, advanced batteries with high energy density have recently attracted intensive interests.

Xiaowei Zhan group make significant progress in fused-ring electron acceptor photovoltaic materials

Zhan group designed and synthesized novel planar FREAs with alkyl and thienyl side-chains, which exhibited higher electron mobility and better light absorption than ITIC.

Prof. Yan Zheng and others call for Managed Aquifer Recharge of China

In this article, the authors explain the concept, necessity, advantages, application fields and practical application cases of managed aquifer recharge (MAR).


Prof. Jianzhong Xi’s group makes important progress in the research of miR122 function

Recently, the group of Dr. Jianzhong Xi from the College of Engineering, Peking University and collaborators reported a functional conservation of miR122 in the TGFB pathway.