College of Engineering celebrates its 10th anniversary

Over 350 people, including government officials, university and college heads, company leaders, alumni, retired teachers, and current students, faculty members and staff joined the event.

COE holds welcome ceremony for freshmen of 2015

The ceremony got together many administrative leaders and faculty members to meet with the new entrants, a total of over 300.


Prof. Kefu Huang wins the "2015 Xu Zhilun Outstanding Teacher Award of Mechanics” from CSTAM

The award was established by CSTAM in recognition of outstanding teachers in China for their achievements made in the mechanics teaching and scientific research.

Prof. Faxin Li wins Science and Technology Award for Youth in Mechanics

The award was conferred by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM).

The sharPKUngfu team wins honors in the 2015 Intel. Competition of Underwater Robot

Nearly 300 teams from 67 universities at home and abroad participated in the competition.


International Workshop on Detonation for Propulsion 2015 was held at College of Engineering

Detonation for propulsion is a new direction of power for aeronautics and astronautics and draws attention from many countries across the world.

Prof. Pingchou Han’s team receives a visit from King's College London

The parties had an in-depth exchange and discussion on early diagnosis of cancer in the future, as well as cooperation in the field of rare diseases in the respiratory system.

Australia Center for Nanoscale BioPhotonics launches Division of Peking University

As one of the CNBP overseas participant institutions, Peking University has maintained strong collaborations with other CNBP research institutions.


College of Engineering undertakes the 2nd Global Grand Challenges Summit- Peking University branch

The summit had seven themes found in the NAE Grand Challenges report - Sustainability, Infrastructure, Energy, Health, and Joy of Living – along with Education and Security/Resilience.

Center for Applied Physics and Technology holds an academic committee meeting

The academic committee spoke highly of the fruitful results the center has achieved in the past year, and gave many suggestions for its further development and planning.

Prof. Leyuan Shi spoke on the 15th Chinese Entrepreneurship Development Forum

Prof. Shi’s talk expounded on the theme of Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Manufacturing, explaining national policy, the characteristics of the problem, difficulties in implementation, solutions, and successful cases.


GCGW 2014 made a special issue on “Global Warming and Energetic Solutions” in IJER

Last year in May, with Prof. Xinrong Zhang as the general chair, the 2014 Global Conference on Global Warming (GCGW) was held at Peking University.

Prof. Huiling Duan’s and Prof. Anyuan Cao’s groups collaboratively make progress in carbon nanotube sponge electrocapillary imbibers

The research paper has been published online in Advanced Materials (A Switchable and Compressible Carbon Nanotube Sponge Electrocapillary Imbiber).

Research progress made in self-powered thin-film motion vector sensor

Recently, PhD student Qingshen Jing and Professor Pingchou Han of the College of Engineering published a paper entitled “Self-powered thin-­lm motion vector sensor” in Nature.

Professor Chao Zhou makes progress in the research of thermal performance of cavity tips in a transonic high pressure cascade

The results titled “Effects of endwall motion on thermal performance of cavity tips with different squealer width and height” have been published in the journal “International Journal of Heat And Mass Transfer”.

A new finding in PM2.5 airborne pollutants through nanoscale characterization

Recently, Prof. Huiling Duan’s group reported new findings for the understanding of PM2.5 airborne pollutants through nanoscale characterization.

Professor Haifeng Yu makes progress in the research of photoresponsive liquid crystal and micro/nano composite materials

The results titled “Optical Pendulum Generator Based on Photomechanical Liquid-Crystalline Actuators” have been published in the famous journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.