COE First Preparatory Meeting for Ten Year Anniversary Celebration Launched

On April 1, the preparatory Committee held College of Engineering (COE) first meeting for the ten year anniversary celebration.


Dr. Gang Zheng from University of Toronto gives a seminar in College of Engineering

Dr. Gang Zheng who worked in University of Toronto, gave a seminar entitled “From nano to micro, and back: explore new frontiers of cancer imaging and therapy” at Peking University.

Dr. Xiaobo Tan from Michigan State University gives a seminar in College of Engineering

On April 24, Dr. Xiaobo Tan who worked in Michigan State University gave a seminar entitled “Falling with Style – Gliding Robotic Fish Patrol Waters with Ease”.

Dr. Xiaolan Xie from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint Etienne France gives a seminar in College of Engineering

Dr.Xiaolan Xie who worked in France, gave a seminar entitled "Dynamic surgery scheduling of multiple operating rooms” at COE.

Academic exchange activity between National Tsing Hua University and COE, Peking University held successfully

An academic exchange delegation from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan visited Peking University.


The 23rd. "Challenge Cup” of Peking University Youth Science Competition was held in COE

Ten groups were selected in this competition, and will attend the National Competition on behalf of the COE, Peking University.

Beiping University & Peking University COE Alumni Association launched board meeting

On April 21, Beiping University & Peking University COE Alumni Association launched the board meeting.

The 117th PKU anniversary COE alumni back to school

On May 3rd, the PKU COE Alumni Association set up the reception at the north square of Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium.


Professor Ruqiang Zou’s team has achieved breakthroughs in nanoporous energy materials

Recently, a research team lead by Professor Ruqiang Zou from the College of Engineering has made important progresses in the study of nanoporous energy materials.

Jianjun Tao’s Group makes progress on the study of the subcritical transition in plane-Poiseuille flow

The results reveal the scenarios of the subcritical transition at moderate Reynolds numbers and are published in Physics of Fluids.

Professor Haifeng Yu makes progress in the research of photoresponsive shape-memory-polymer materials

The results have been published in the famous journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.