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Yue Yang
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science
  • Office Add: 310 Building #1, College of Engineering
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09/2007 – 02/2011  Ph.D. Aeronautics, California Institute of Technology (Advisor: Dale I. Pullin)
09/2004 – 07/2007  M.S. Fluid Mechanics, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Advisor: Prof. Guo-wei He)
09/2000 – 07/2004  B.E. Thermal Engineering, B.E. Computer Science, Zhejiang University

Professional Experience
08/2013 - Present   Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, Peking University
03/2011 – 07/2013  Combustion Energy Research Fellow, Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center, Princeton University (Co-sponsored by Prof. Stephen B. Pope, Cornell University and Dr. Jacqueline H. Chen, Sandia National Laboratories)

Research Areas and Interests
Large-eddy simulation/PDF modeling of turbulent reactive flow
Lagrangian study of turbulence and vortex dynamics
Multi-scale geometric analysis of turbulence and scalar mixing

Professional Honors and Awards
• 2011  Combustion Energy Research Fellowship, Princeton University
• 2011  Richard Bruce Chapman Memorial Award for distinguished research in Hydrodynamics, California Institute of Technology
 • 2007  Guggenheim Fellowship, California Institute of Technology

Selected Publications
1.    Y. Yang, S. B. Pope, and J. H. Chen, “Empirical low-dimensional manifolds in composition space,” Combustion and Flame, 160, 1967-1980, 2013
2.    Y. Yang, H. Wang, S. B. Pope, and J. H. Chen, “Large-eddy simulation/PDF modeling of a non-premixed CO/H2 temporally evolving jet flame,” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 34, 1241-1249, 2013
3.    Y. Yang and D. I. Pullin, “Evolution of vortex-surface fields in viscous Taylor-Green and Kida-Pelz flows,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 685, 146-164, 2011
4.    Y. Yang and D. I. Pullin, “Geometric study of Lagrangian and Eulerian structures in turbulent channel flow,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 674, 67-92, 2011
5.    Y. Yang and D. I. Pullin, “On Lagrangian and vortex-surface fields in flows with Taylor-Green and Kida-Pelz initial conditions,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 661, 446-481, 2010
6.    Y. Yang, D. I. Pullin, and I. Bermejo-Moreno, “Multi-scale geometric analysis of Lagrangian structures in isotropic turbulence,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 654, 230-277, 2010 (Featured on cover)
7.    Y. Yang, G.-W. He, and L.-P. Wang, “Effects of subgrid scale modeling on Lagrangian statistics in large-eddy simulation,” Journal of Turbulence, 9 (8), 1-24, 2008