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  • [April 17, 2017]

    Domain Decomposition Methods for Time Harmonic Waves

  • Speaker:
    Xavier ANTOINE
    Monday, April 17, 2017
    Room 1-101, Jiwu Building
    Shaoqiang Tang
  • Abstract
  • In this talk, I will introduce optimized non-overlapping Schwarz domain decomposition methods for wave equations in the harmonic regime. The construction of the algorithms will be explained in details as well as their convergence properties. An important point concerning the efficiency of these methods is related to the construction of transmitting boundary conditions between the subdomains. To this end, a review of existing boundary conditions and new conditions will be proposed. Finally, numerical simulations will illustrate the behavior of the domain decomposition methods for acoustic (Helmholtz) and electromagnetic (Maxwell) equations.
  • Biography
  • The research topics of Professor Xavier ANTOINE are related to the mathematical and numerical analysis as well as scientific computation for linear and nonlinear wave problems. Most particularly, he actively works on problems related to the numerical solution of Helmholtz’s and Maxwell’s equations in the high frequency regime and the accurate and efficient numerical computation of solutions to nonlinear Schrödinger equations. He is also the chair of the Institut Elie Cartan de Lorraine, Université de Lorraine, which is one of the largest mathematics research departments in France.