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  • [ Janurary 03, 2018]

    General Mechanics and Foundation of Mechanics

  • Modeling, analysis and control of nonlinear and complex interconnected systems, including analytical dynamics and foundations of mechanics; vehicle dynamics and control; modeling and control of multi-agent systems; network modeling and control; evolution games and self-organized coordination; hybrid systems modeling and control; operation research and optimization; swarm behavior and swarm intelligence; modeling and analysis of non-smooth and switched control systems; and modeling and control of systems with bifurcations.

    Application areas include multi-body dynamics; vehicle dynamics guidance, navigation, and control; nonholonomic locomotion and path generation of robots; design, control, and locomotion of semi-actuated biped robotics; locomotion, control, and coordination of multiple underwater robots; design and control of semi-automated artificial robotic manipulators for physical therapy; modeling, optimization of management of industrial processes, and signal processing; low-order modeling, identification and control of flow instabilities with application to traffic flows and flow instabilities in turbomachinery.