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Degree Programs
  • [ Janurary 03, 2018]

    Management Science and Engineering

  • 1. Medical and health engineering

    To carry out quality and reliability research using theoretical methods including probability and statistics analysis techniques, behavioral science, psychology, system modeling and analysis techniques, computer and information technology, design and experimental technology.

    Quality and reliability engineering is to effectively plan, organize, coordinate, evaluate and control quality and reliability-related activities, with a goal to ensure the best quality and reliability of tangible products, processes or services, and to ensure the most effective use of resources. Major study areas include medical systems and pharmaceutical systems engineering and technology.

    2. Operational research

    Using methods of operational research and stochastic process analysis, RFID and sensor technology, system modeling and analysis techniques, computer and information technology, design and experiments and other theories and experimental methods and techniques, to optimize and control the elements in complex systems and their configuration from a systems perspective, for the purpose of improving system efficiency, reducing costs, improving quality and increasing flexibility.

    Major research areas include: production modes and management systems of equipment manufacturing, modern theories and techniques in process management, optimization and control technology of system process, production site management modeling, analysis and optimization technology, production system design technology, manufacturing systems integration technology, engineering economy and value analysis, production planning and scheduling control and manufacturing information systems.