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  • [ Janurary 03, 2018]

    Materials Science and Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering

    The program is based on a broad intellectual foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, basic materials science, advanced materials and nanotechnology. During their program of study, students are expected to acquire knowledge so that they can be aligned with one of the four identified focus areas of the Department. Students are required to complete the curriculum in four years by obtaining the designated hours of credit and fulfilling supplemental program requirements. First year students share the same curriculum as they register for common core courses. From second year onwards, they can take elective courses of their choice. In their final year of study, they can take the capstone design class that allows them an opportunity to apply what they learn to solve real-life engineering problems by working on projects sourced from industries in a team environment with their classmates and possibly, with cohorts from other universities.